Searching for Our Forever Home Again

Our time at Trinity Methodist is coming to an end (May 31). We are reaching out to our community again in the quest for a new Puppet Clubhouse space. While the economy and culture are at last opening back up slowly, many things have shifted and the landscape looks different. But what it looks like is still fuzzy.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that artists are having a hard time finding work space in Asheville. Please take a look at our STUDIO SEARCH page and think about who you know that might have something for us. Or people who know people who know people, you know?

A church basement, an empty retail space, a large garage, an old barn…


Lantern Parade Magic

The Southside Community Garden Lantern Parade was wonderful! Thanks to all who helped make this happen, especially Chloe Moore, and the Brass Your Heart Band!

We so appreciated receiving the Arts Build Community Grant from the Asheville Area Arts Council. Hope to make this parade an annual spring equinox occasion!

Lanterns for Spring Equinox

This past Monday we led a lantern making workshop for an energetic learning POD of kids, ages 6 to 12, from the Edington Center. We held it in the Southside Community Garden, behind the center. It was creative chaos and lots of fun for all. We made our classic balloon with tracing/tissue paper lanterns. When they are dry, the balloon is removed and string of fairy lights dropped in. Then we tie them to bamboo poles so they can be carried in a parade.

While the kids waited their turn to paper mache, they played with our big tub of puppet pals, running around the garden. They “fed” the puppets vegetables, discovered new lands, had some puppet battles and generally enjoyed themselves.

We received an Arts Build Community Grant from the Asheville Area Arts Council last winter for this project. It will culminate on Saturday with a lantern parade, starting and ending in the garden, and celebrating the first day of spring! The POD kids and their families, neighbors, and the Brass Your Heart band will parade with us.

Spring Equinox Lantern Parade
Saturday, March 20, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Southside Community Garden
behind the Edington Center, 133 Livingston St.
in cooperation with the Asheville Writers in the Schools and Community, 
Southside Rising and the Southside Community Garden

Settled for Now & Mardi Gras at Home

Three weeks ago we got everything out of the old Clubhouse and into either storage or the new space. Though it’s much smaller, the new Clubhouse has a nice vibe. We are set up to do stuff!

Unfortunately the pandemic rages on, so we are being very careful. We haven’t had any meet ups yet, though Critters are dropping in regularly and working on a few new projects, solitary style. It’s a long way from the 24/7 frenzy of last year’s Mardi Gras, but we are happy to still be around and doing something!

The main thing we are engaged in now is the Asheville Mardi Gras House Float tour. The official Street Creature house float is Melanie’s house on Brevard Road in West Asheville. We have partnered with Bee City USA. Our theme, not surprisingly, is Pollination!

We are making bee fringe and sparkly bugs and flowers out of recycled stuff. Installation day is Friday. See our FB page for maps and other info, once it’s officially released. The self guided tour is happening Feb. 8 to 16.


We found a good but temporary spot! It’s small but we have a storage unit too, generously donated. We are moving to a classroom in a building owned by the Trinity Methodist Church in West Asheville. It’s only 1/6 the size of our current space, but it’s sunny and affordable with a nice pavilion outside. We will be there through May 2021. This is a landing place, giving us time to regroup.

There’s been a lot of sorting and giving away of stuff over the holiday period. The piles are growing, with sticky notes on them. The white board task list is constantly revised. Today we started actually moving stuff and plan to be done by January 3rd. Whew!

We have a hardworking and good spirited team of critters making this all happen.

Once we are settled and get a little rest period, we will be back to dreaming and scheming to find our forever home.

Storage unit filling up! Thank you Lark Storage of West Asheville

Big Ass Moving Sale and the Chrysalis

We had a yard sale on Sunday and though it was a lot of work, it was pretty fun too! We were blessed with the only warm sunny day all week, and we got to see lots and lots of people we know, plus met some cool neighbors. We should have been doing these once a year! The best thing was that we were successful in meeting our 2 goals – get rid of stuff, make some dough!

We have some weird art supplies left that we will be giving away on Facebook. See our page for pics and descriptions.

We still haven’t found our forever home. Looks like we will be moving into a temporary situation of a small donated meeting space plus various forms of storage, for up to half a year. Perhaps we will be like the monarch caterpillar, building a chrysalis, going into a quiet dark place to turn into caterpillar soup, and then maybe by summer, being reborn as a brilliant Monarch butterfly…

Giving Tuesday was GREAT!

Hey wonderful puppet people – thank you to all who supported our Giving Tuesday fundraiser! We passed our goal of $1000. And Facebook is supposedly going to double at least some of that. W00t W00t!

Also things are happening behind the scenes. People are finally calling us back! More options are arising. We are feeling optimistic that the right place is going to come along soon. If you are the praying, candle lighting, finger crossing type – please hold the vision of the Street Creatures flourishing in a new space that allows us to connect, energize and beautify the Asheville Community in even better ways.


Thank you new patrons!

We have SEVEN patrons now on PATREON and have reached our first goal already. We so appreciate the support! Most of the patrons are already Street Creature artists. We are not only putting our time, energy and creativity into the mission, we’re now putting in our hard earned dough!

People of all ages and backgrounds need beauty and playful experiences that connect us. We are showing up to help make that happen in Western North Carolina.

It’s heartening to be reaching this new level of growth and commitment. In a difficult year, we are called more than ever to take care of each other and imagine a better world.

It’s not always a pleasant process and there isn’t a map. But here we are walking together (holding dragons!).

Be a Street Creature Patron

We have a Patreon now! Moving out of our low cost Puppet Clubhouse is making us focus on fundraising. We will have to pay more rent in a new place. We are starting this with Patreon, a platform for creatives to find ongoing financial support. We have lots of other ideas too – birthday party parades, silly masks for sale, and writing more grants. But meanwhile, January looms. So help us out by visiting our Patreon page and donating what you can. Every bit helps. Your monthly patronage will keep the Critters in the Streets!

You can make a one time donation via Paypal by using this link

And you can support us every time you buy something from Amazon. I know, they are the devil incarnate, but sometimes you still use it and you might as well help out some broke puppeteers in the process, right? Add us as your chosen charity (we are listed under Asheville Puppetry Alliance).

Thank you!