Street Creature’s Fun Fall Adventures of 2017

imageStreet Creature participated in lots of fun fall adventures! Read about it in the October/November 2017 issue of the Puppet Club Newsletter.


Street Creature’s Summer Adventures and What’s Up Next!

imageAugust is finally here, and what a busy summer it has been for Street Creature! You can read all about our fun summer adventures and find out what we have coming up this fall! Did someone say giant trilobites?!? Check it out in our August/September 2017 newletter.


New Guidelines For Puppet Clubhouse

imageMore and more people are starting to use the Puppet Clubhouse space. We are thrilled. Our community is growing! This growth, however, requires us to be clearer about the use of the clubhouse. Below are rules and guidelines to help us share the space in a way that makes it a good experience for everyone!


  • Know your liaison’s phone number.
  • Don’t show up at times when you are not scheduled, without checking with your liaison. Many groups use the space.
  • Don’t move other people’s projects if at all possible. If you must, call the number on the label first and ask.
  • When your project is all done, do not leave leftover materials at the clubhouse without checking with your liaison. We might want it, but we might not; and we do not want to have to dispose of your junk.
  • Use of Puppet Clubhouse materials – help yourself to the materials (cardboard, fabrics in lockers, tape, paint, glue, bamboo, foam etc.) If you use a lot of something often needed like glue sticks, white paint, tape or xacto blades, please replace it.
  • The WiFi password is on the bulletin board.
  • NO use of glitter or spray paint inside the building. You can use them outside on the grass with a drop cloth.
  • The desk and bins in the left back corner belong to someone (to right of lockers). Don’t touch or use that stuff.
  • We appreciate financial donations and use them to replenish materials and tools. Put donations in the jar on the welcome table. Info about the clubhouse and a mailing list sign up are also located there. Let the people in your group know about this. We are growing a community.
  • Don’t park in the handicap spot.


  • Wash all dishes, brushes, paint/paste containers. Do not pour paint or paste down the drain (rinsing okay). Put clean food related dishes on the counter by the microwave. Put art related stuff on the gray shelving unit.
  •  Sweep and vacuum as needed.
  • Pick up all your trash.
  • If you are leaving a project in process, condense your materials, try not to store on a table if possible, and always label it with orange paper with your name/group name and phone number.
  • Respect all tools by using them carefully and putting them away.
  • If the trash or recycling is full, empty it in the bins outside. Do NOT leave food trash inside the building.
  • Lock box and key – Arriving – after removing the key to get in, close the empty box, spin the numbers and shut the shutter. After opening the door hang the key on the hook inside the door. Leaving – Always lock the door when you leave. When returning the key to the lock box, spin the numbers and shut the shutter after closing it. Do not share the code with anyone. If you have to give it to someone, you must call your liaison and let them know. Also please note that  the door lock is old and sometimes difficult. Do NOT force it. See the arrow sign showing which way to turn
  • Turn off all the lights including xmas lights. Don’t turn off the switches with red tape in the panel.
  • When everything is cleaned up and you’re out of there, text your liason as a confirmation to them that you have completed the checklist.

Interview with Ping Lin, Visiting Puppeteer from China

imagePing Lin is a puppeteer from Bejing, China who apprenticed with Hobey Ford from October 2016 through March 2017. Some of us got to see her perform Animalia with Hobey Ford at LEAF this past fall. When Ping wasn’t performing and teaching with Hobey, she was hard at work learning to carve hardwoods, work with and troubleshoot controls as well as manipulate the rod puppets she created. She even created her own new show using miniature rod puppet controls. Her show is called On the Way Home, and you can view it here.  Before she returned to China, Puppet Club and Street Creature had a chance to interview this amazing puppeteer.

1. How did you get involved in puppetry?

I got involved in puppetry, because my working experience and self interest. I started working with children and picture story books since I was graduated in 2009, designing all kinds of creative activities of different books for children, parents and teachers. One of the way was using puppets to tell the stories and create their own stories. In 2015, I got to visit the theatre festivals for children in Taiwan, Japan, Italy, Austria and Belgium, there I began to meet artists from all over the world and saw good shows for children. Since then on I got the desire to create my own puppetry productions for children.

2. Do you make your own puppets and create your own shows?

Yes, I do.

3. What kind of puppet shows do you do? Who do you perform for?

My first production was produced in Europe and first performed in Vienna Austria and Barcelona Spain. I used table top puppets. And I toured this show in 24 cities around China in 2016. I performed for 3 to 8 years old children and their parents.

4. What are your favorite kinds of puppets to work with?

I had mainly worked with shadow puppets and rod puppets. And I like them.

5. How did you get to apprentice with Hobey Ford?

Puppeteers around the world like a big family. We got to share each other’s work and know each other through internet. Before I came here, Hobey helped me built a set a geese puppets while he was building his pelicans using the same technique by messages and photographs. It went very well. I knew he is a great puppeteer and a good person and he knew I have talents. After I finished my tour of my show, I asked Hobey whether I could come to study with him. Then we worked it out.

6. What have you been learning from Hobey?

I have learned building little rod puppet (monkey control technique) from Hobey. It is from Hobey’s teacher Clyde. I am now the third generation of this kind of puppet. I learned designing, making, engineering, manipulating different rod puppets and shadow puppets of Hobey’s and mine.

Hobey, Ping, and Clyde pose with their puppets.


7. What is the most interesting thing you have learned from Hobey?

Although using the same technique, every single puppet we are making, are quite different. You have to be full of solutions in your mind. Hobey has a sea of solutions. That’s because of his creativity and rich experiences. The more I have been working, the more problem solving skills I could get. Even though you couldn’t get the best solution now, always be creative and try different things and don’t be afraid to fail.

8. Have you done any puppet shows while you have been here?

I had performed several times of Hobey’s show “Animalia” with Hobey together in different schools and institutes in NC. And also performed our coproduction the Chinese Shadow show “Pu Tong” about Chinese paper cuttings in Kennedy Art Center in Washington DC and high schools in Asheville.

9. Is this your first visit to the United States?

Yes, this is my first visit.

10. What have you enjoyed the most about your visit to the United States?

Enjoy Learning and working with Hobey And living with a lovely American family that has two little kids and a big dog, enjoy involving in their daily life

11. Do you travel a lot? Where else have you traveled to?

Yes. I traveled around China and Europe. I had been to 10 countries of Europe, Italy, Austria, Belgium, holland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Germany.

12. Is there anything else you would like to say about puppets, apprenticing with Hobey or your visit to Asheville?

This trip is my big fortune of my life. And I had a wonderful and great time here. I hope the relation, the connection, the friendship could last as long as it could.

Ping’s cat puppet for her new show, On the Way Home.