Puppets Looking for a New Home

Here’s some sad news (too much of that lately):

We’ve been informed that the Asheville Parks & Rec Department, from whom we have rented the wonderful Puppet Clubhouse for the last five years, is not going to renew our lease. Because of COVID19, they are reconfiguring their programming and need more space. We have been in discussion with them about ways to cohabit the building but it’s not looking likely. We have to be out by the end of December.

Uh oh! What are a bunch of Street Creatures going to do?

Find a new space, that’s what. And we could use your help. Please go to our Studio Search page to find out how you can do that.

Mardi Gras!

Street Creature was the official Royal Krewe for the 2020 Asheville Mardi Gras! Two of our members were royalty – King Bam Booey and Queen Nora (mom to Geneva and about to be grandma to the youngest Street Creature, due in April).

The Krewe worked tirelessly for months to bring the Dragon theme to life! The weather was perfect and Asheville felt the love.

Street Creatures & Dancing Beasts!

We are part of a wonderful exhibit at the Asheville Area Arts Council Gallery, October 4 through 25th. Hope you can come see it! Our press release:

Street Creatures and Dancing Beasts celebrates Asheville’s vibrant puppetry scene. The exhibit displays puppets made by local artists showing diverse styles and forms, in a range of sizes and materials, from 5” wooden monsters to 5′ paper mache owls.  A menagerie of animals, both real and imaginary, will  dance around the gallery.

Bringing animals to life through puppetry has a long history, from ancient Egyptian horses pulling chariots, to Lamp Chop and Kermit the frog.  Animal characters are freer than human ones to act silly, question authority, and tell rude jokes. The stories they tell often bring myth and folklore to life. The art form, often relegated to the world of children’s entertainment, is multi faceted and almost limitless in scope. It requires the skills of an artist, tinkerer and performer, and  writer, musician and dancer.

Curator and artist Jennifer Murphy is one of the founders of Street Creature Puppet Collective, and “den mother” of the Puppet Clubhouse, a bright and lively community art space in North Asheville. Fascinated with natural history, her work brings nature and myth together in ecological pageants of paper mache. The other artists included have a range of visual styles and approaches, from rough satiric wooden monsters, to delicately carved foam sea creatures with wizardly mechanisms.

Represented are long time puppetry master Hobey Ford, winner of puppetry’s highest honor, the UNIMA Citation of Excellence; young energetic artist Luce Romaldini, who’s rough charming cardboard figures tell uncomfortable truths; Edwin Salas, Mexican puppeteer, dancer and artist who conjures strange creatures of the dark side; Jim Julien, graphic designer, vaudeville performer, and co-director of the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival; Street Creature Puppet Collective with some of their collaborative parade puppets; and Geneva Bierce-Wilson, fiber artist, inventor and maker of small dragons and large worms.

Holiday Pasta & Puppets @ the Clubhouse

Join us for a Holiday edition of Pasta & Puppets on Saturday, December 15, from 6-9 pm at the Clubhouse (137 E. Larchmont Rd, Asheville, NC 28804).

If you haven’t been before, this is part pot luck spaghetti dinner, and part performance.

Arrive at 6 for food and friendship. Street Creature will provide spaghetti, sauce, parmesan cheese, rice, tea, cups, plates, napkins and silverware. Please bring something to share- maybe your favorite holiday food? (And remember to bring any necessary serving dish/spoon).

At 7:15 we will gather for puppetry. This is a very informal performance; we want to create a place to try out a show or concept and get feedback. It is okay to present unfinished work. Together we make each other better!
Everyone who participated in the marionette workshop is encouraged to share their creations!
If you would like to do a show please let us know.

For more information, visit the Facebook event: