Holiday Pasta & Puppets @ the Clubhouse

Join us for a Holiday edition of Pasta & Puppets on Saturday, December 15, from 6-9 pm at the Clubhouse (137 E. Larchmont Rd, Asheville, NC 28804).

If you haven’t been before, this is part pot luck spaghetti dinner, and part performance.

Arrive at 6 for food and friendship. Street Creature will provide spaghetti, sauce, parmesan cheese, rice, tea, cups, plates, napkins and silverware. Please bring something to share- maybe your favorite holiday food? (And remember to bring any necessary serving dish/spoon).

At 7:15 we will gather for puppetry. This is a very informal performance; we want to create a place to try out a show or concept and get feedback. It is okay to present unfinished work. Together we make each other better!
Everyone who participated in the marionette workshop is encouraged to share their creations!
If you would like to do a show please let us know.

For more information, visit the Facebook event:

September Newsletter

Yay! We have a newsletter again. Thank you new puppet club volunteer Genevieve for taking this task on. Read the latest news here. And if you want to subscribe, go to our Facebook page and click the subscribe button near the cover pic.

Oh, yeah,, did you know we have an instagram account? That’s the place where the most recent pics go. See some from the Animation with Puppetry workshop that just happened yesterday!
animation workshop

What’s new at the clubhouse?

Busy summer here at the Puppet Clubhouse. We had a couple of field trips with Parks & Rec kiddos. We believe in putting kids and puppets together as often as possible! Knock knock jokes are a great way to get them going.

Also marionettes are happening! Geneva taught a free workshop in July and from that group grew a production called Nona: An Unintentional Cooking Show. There was a read through at our (semi) quarterly Pasta & Puppets August 11th.

We will be premiering the show at Fall LEAF! Jen is painting the stage that was donated a year ago, so it will look beautiful for our first marionette presentation.

And the jellies went to LAAFF with our pals from 2nd Line. 2nd Line rehearses at our space every Monday. They bring the brass parade magic!





Expand Fest Lanterns!

Brainstorming with Johanna from Expand Fest last winter, we came up with the idea of a lantern parade within the event. Inspired by the amazing Beltline Lantern Parade in Atlanta, we decided to try and start our own local lantern tradition. So in early June we slathered up some balloons with paste and paper at the clubhouse, making 30+ lovely globes and other shapes. We also fixed up the LED powered jelly fish.
On the big day we collaborated with local band Pink Mercury, emerging from behind the stage while they played their last flow-y magical number in the twilight hour, and then we danced the crowd down to the main stage for the last act. Peak moments! More of all of that please.